How to give the perfect wedding speech

If your best friend is getting married and she chose you as her maid of honor, it is most likely that you will have to give a few words to add up to the feeling on that special day. Here you can find out how to carry out that dream for both of you, let the bride hear something that she will never forget and follow this recommendations for the perfect speech.

Plan your perfect speech

While you might not be able take months to prepare your speech, save a couple of hours a few days before the wedding and write it down, not only so you can rehearse it, but because your friend will love having your words on paper. Keep in mind that professional wedding speech writers are available should you need that extra help.

Seek for inspiration

The easiest thing would be to see your photographs together or, better yet, go to the option ‘See friendship’ on Facebook. Although the social network may not keep your entire friendship, it can be a good source of inspiration for moments that you two shared.

Don’t take her spotlight

We know that you are important to the bride; however it is super tasteless that you steal her thunder. Talk about the stories that you know she would like all her guests to hear.

Stay classy

Among friends we can sometimes be obscene and make constant jokes. Avoid them. The perfect speech is personal, but it is also directed towards the groom and the guests so if you are going to involve third parties in the story, briefly explain who they are and make your friend look the best.

Maintain the order

Start with the bride, continue with you and end with the couple. Dedicate the same time to the parties and close with a golden edge dedicating nice words to your friend’s boyfriend and the incredible duo they make.

Talking about exes and love affairs?

No, please.

Do not take too much time

Sure you could spend days talking about the thousands of experiences you two have shared, but remember that the moment is not only yours and it would not be cool to bore the guests or, worse, cut the established time of the other people who will also speak.

Upon starting

It is a bad idea to start by saying you are awful at giving speeches or you are incredibly nervous, not because attendees don’t care, but because probably nobody noticed it until you pointed out.

Feel like crying?

It’s ok! This is a heartfelt moment. If you feel like you’re about to let a tear out, just take a moment to breath and try to shorten your speech a bit.


At the end of the day there is a reason why she chose you, and the attendees know that this is your way to show your love for the bride. Besides, if you simply speak from your heart, even if you have not previously prepared anything, we know the bride will still feel you gave the perfect speech.